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LED Light Therapy


What is LED (Photo Dynamic Light therapy)?

Originally LED (PDT) , was discovered by NASA almost 40 years ago. They used it to stimulate plant growth and later found that is also help to repaid cells and encourages healing of injuries. So they began to use it on astronauts in space and found it to be a success. They discovered that differing light wavelengths (colour) effect the skins receptors in positive and varying ways.  Now, LED phototherapy is widely used to help treat additional skin conditions, repair injuries by stimulating muscle and bone tissue, and treatment for certain cancerous conditions. 

There are another names for this technology like: PDT, LED, Photodynamic Therapy, Red Light Therapy etc. 

What skin issues is LED photo therapeutic suitable for?

-Anti ageing (lines, wrinkles & skin tightening)
-Puffy Eyes
-Under Eye Dark Circles
-Rosacea (Flushing, Redness)
-Red Spider Veins
-Wound Healing
-Inflammation Calming
-Grey Complexions
-Scar Reduction
-Psoriasis and eczema
-S.A.D (Seasonal Deficiency Disorder)
-Age Spots
-Melasma/Cholasma/Mask of Pregnancy


LED phototherapy is a light treatment that can be used to stimulate collagen production (reducing fine lines and wrinkles) and kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin, improving skin clarity—with no pain and no downtime.

LED phototherapy treatments are an excellent way to stimulate the skin to refresh itself by "super-charging" the cells and speeding up repair mechanisms. 

Because it is a minimal invasive procedure, a series of treatments is ordinarily required to get any visible results. 

An improvement may be seen after each session, however most benefits will be visible after a few weeks and more dramatically 8-12 weeks post course.

LED phototherapy is highly recommended after a Prescription Facial, Glycolic Peel, Enzyme Facial, Laser Treatment, Radio Frequency or Medical Micro-needling to increase results and accelerate healing.

Absolutely painless! Suitable for all skin types! 



How LED phototherapy treats acne?

LED can help to prevent and control papules, pustules, and typical acne quite effectively if done properly. The Light penetrates into the dermis and slows sebaceous glands that create oils in the skin that can cause acne. Non inflamed acne such as whiteheads and blackheads tend to respond less effectively. Multiple treatments are required. Treatments are typically done twice a week for a few weeks.



Is it safe?

LED photo-therapy is extremely healthy for your skin and is a non-invasive alternative to improving the overall complexion of your problem areas. Though LED photo-therapy is known for its immediate rejuvenating effect, results do vary depending on the individual. 
  • Does not cause inflammation
  • Non-Invasive

  • Non-Abrasive

  • Does not require any post treatment therapy



How does this benefit my skin?

  • Improves the appearance of sun damaged skin

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduces the appearance of dark under-eye circles

  • Enhances firmness in the skin

  • Enhances radiance, even toned, smooth complexion

  • produces an instant lift and tightening of the skin



Are there any precautions?

PDT light therapy is considered a safe method to rejuvenate your skin from a cellular level, but there are a few precautions to take when undergoing treatment.

  • protective eye wear can be worn if you are sensitive to light

  • Do not use if you are pregnant

  • Do not use if you are epileptic

  • Do not use if you are taking steroid injections

  • Always use proper skin care provided by your professional skin care consultant

Before and after photos

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