What is Thermocoagulation?

Thermocoagulation is the treatment or removal of unwanted skin imperfections or anomalies.

The following skin imperfections are superficial which can be treated effectively by Thermocoagulation.

The process will improve the skins appearance by reducing or eliminating those unwanted imperfections. In Advanced Beauty Clinic we are able to treat: visible facial veins or capillaries, skin tags, angiomas, milia, keratosis, angiokeratomes, open pores or unwanted piercings.

Thermocoagulation utilizes the High Frequency Current to discharge pin point heat energy to treat skin imperfections and collapse the spider veins upon contact.

The energy created by the high frequency current produces a thermal lesion and the immediate disappearance of the imperfection or vein while preserving the epidermis.

All that may remain is a tiny circular red mark that disappears within hours post treatment to leave a micro-crust which itself disappears usually in a matter of days.


The treatment is extremely safe and unlike other treatments does not pose risks of heat blisters or scarring.

Facts and Benefits:

  • Effectively treats skin imperfections such as spider veins, angiomas and skin tags

  • Fast treatment time and a “walk in – walk out” procedure with no down time for recovery

  • Imperfections, spider veins and other vascular lesions instantly disappear

  • Minimal discomfort in comparison to other treatments

  • No bruising, scarring or hyper-pigmentation post treatment

  • Ability to successfully treat sensitive areas like the face, nose, ankles and knees

  • Proven procedure that is minimally invasive with high degree of safety

For more information click on the below anomalies.
Milia are small cysts that can appear just under the epidermis or on the roof of the mouth.
Enlarged Pores
Visibly enlarged pores are pores that have had some sort of trauma.
Spider Veins
Visible capillaries are dilated capillaries that have lost their elasticity and have become permanently enlarged. They may form linear, or as dots of redness. The name spider vein is given for the spider like appearance of some, with red centers and little tentacles emerging from the middle.
Unwanted Piercing Holes
Unwanted piercings are self explanatory. Most can be closed with the exception of large ear gauges.
Cherry Angioma
Cherry Angiomas are also known as ruby points. Larger Angiomas are also referred to as Campbell spots. Therefore their appearance is a cherry red to purplish colour.

They are the most common vascular lesion; they consist of highly concentrated dilated capillaries and can be flat to the skin or larger and slightly raised (Campbell spot).
Angiokeratomas are colourless mole like looking skin anomalies with the presence of capillaries.
Seborrheic Keratosis
Keratosis are also known as senile keratosis. Keratosis are common growths and are most common in adults over 30 years old and can be found on almost any area of the body. Keratosis can vary from light coloured to black, flat or raised anomalies with waxy or wart like appearance. They are harmless but we recommend that you get your Keratosis evaluated by a doctor as they can be mistaken for skin cancer, especially if they bleed, itch, become irritated or are inflamed on a regular basis.
Skin Tags
Skin tags are benign flaps of skin. They are usually darker in colour than your natural skin and are often found on the neck and upper torso. Skin tags can be flat or protruding flaps of skin.

These anomalies are found in women and men of all ages.
Molluscum pendulum
Molluscum Pendulum are benign flaps of skin. They are usually darker in colour than your natural skin and are often found on the neck and upper torso. Molluscum Pendulums can be flat or protruding flaps of skin.

These anomalies are found in men or women of all ages.
Hyper-pigmentation often called age spots or liver spots. Mostly can be found in badly sun damaged skin.
Skin Tags around eyes
A skin tag (acrochordon) is a small, soft, flesh-colored to dark brown growth that is either sessile or pedunculated. It is not skin cancer and does not become skin cancer. Skin tags are more common with increasing age. They appear most often in skin folds of the neck, axillae, trunk, beneath the breasts and in the groin area. They can be irritated by clothing or jewelry rubbing against them, and patients often want them removed.
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