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Chemical Peels VS Skin Resurfacing?

Why does SkinGenius take a modern day approach to skin resurfacing as opposed to simply using chemical peels?  Of course, chemical peels work.  I’ve worked with various formulations over the years but the downside is that they can be unpredictable and unsuitable for all skin colours.  Chemical peels work by the action of skin exfoliation, penetrating the outer epidermis, wounding the skin structures and surrounding tissue along the way. This “outside in” approach can result in prolonged downtime, especially when working with low pKa acids at high concentrations. 



The Art of Skin Resurfacing 

pHformula Dermatological Skin Resurfacing represents an advance in skin peeling based on the concept of regenerative medicine.  pHformula skin resurfacing takes a different approach by encapsulating combinations of acids in a unique trans-epidermal complex known as PH-DVC.  This bio-available complex is a safe and effective way to deliver acids to the deeper layers of the epidermis with a maximum controlled proton release of acids meaning less surface epidermal trauma and inflammation.  This “inside out” approach gives maximum results without the negative side effects seen with conventional peels.


pHformula skin resurfacing treatments can be used on the face and body and have specific formulations to treat ACNE, CHRONIC REDNESS, AGE & PIGMENTATION.


Layer and leave on formulations

Most of the pHformula skin resurfacing products are not timed, neutralised or removed from the skin. Instead they are self-neutralising and left on the skin to maximise results. 

Customised skin resurfacing protocols

Different formulations can be combined in one prescription program and the strength and depth of the products are controlled by the SkinGenius Skin Specialist based on application technique and the number of layers applied during the skin resurfacing procedure.



Maximum strength formulations for pre and post resurfacing support

A personalised prescription is integrated and used at home in preparation or during completion of the pHformula resurfacing procedure. The pre and post resurfacing products are formulated with the unique PH-DVC™ complex which guarantees best possible results and maintenance of skin restoration.



Ready to try a Skin Resurfacing Treatment?


So now you should be clearer on the difference between a chemical peel and a skin resurfacing treatment at InSkin Aesthetic Clinic.  Click        to book a treatment with one of our experts to find out which resurfacing procedure is best suited for you.

Chemical Peel vs Skin Resurfacing

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